Dead Sea Weather – Great in Every Season!

The Dead Sea is one of the most unique places in the world in many respects, including its distinctive weather.

The location of the sea at such a low point (1,412 ft below sea level), together with the high mountain ranges encircling it and the Judean Desert extending around it, create various climatic conditions that do not exist elsewhere in Israel.

This is a great benefit to tourists, as the weather conditions in the area allow you to hike and enjoy the sea, the beaches and the surrounding area during all four seasons. So if you ask what time of the year is optimal for to traveling to the Dead Sea, we will not be able to give you an accurate answer, as it depends entirely on your personal preferences.

What we can do is tell you a little about the weather conditions during each of the seasons. Then you can decide for yourself which season most appeals to you for visiting the area.

Summer – June to August

The busiest tourist season in Israel actually makes staying in the Dead Sea region more challenging than anywhere else.

Temperatures are extremely high and can reach as much as 41 degrees Celsius (105.8 Fahrenheit) in August. So if you are the type who is less enamored with heat waves – especially if hiking is your forte – it is better to reschedule your trip for earlier or later months.

But if you’ve already booked one of the amazing deals at the seaside hotels, simply get into the water. You’ll find the sea to be surprisingly cool (relative to outside temperatures) and that, combined with the low humidity in the area, will allow you to cool down a bit and get a good tan while you’re at it (be careful not to get sunburnt, of course).

Autumn – September to November

The beginning of autumn is still warm in the Dead Sea region, but less extreme. That is why there are various festivals in the area during this season. Once summer is gone for good, temperatures in the region drop to a high of 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 Fahrenheit) in October and 28 degrees (82.4) in November.

This weather is the most ideal for exploring the nearby surroundings, scenic desert landscapes and tourist sites in the area.

You can enjoy hiking in Nachal Arugot and Nachal David, a visit to Masada and other historical sites, or even a tour of the depths of the Judean Desert. And don’t forget to watch the bird migration that is happening this season.

Winter – December to February

While in the north, people huddle in coats and hope for snow, here in the Dead Sea the temperature remains generally comfortable and pleasant. It only drops to a minimum of 11 degrees (51.8) on the coolest nights. Rain falls only very rarely, and when it does, it is usually in small amounts – two days in an average winter month. The sea water maintains its normal temperature, which during this season is higher than the outside air and makes a quick dip very warm and pleasant.

So if you are a person who loves cool weather, this is the recommended season for you to explore the area and enjoy all the treats offered by the Dead Sea. But don’t forget to be careful of the sinkholes that may be created by rainfall or flooding in the area (it is recommended to follow the local authorities’ updates).

Spring – March to May

Just as spring is the most popular season for travel all over the world, it is also the most crowded time at the Dead Sea.

The weather is already warm, but not too hot. The rain has abated and there is no longer a danger of floods and sinkholes, but the streams and springs are at their peak flows – as the days pass they will gradually totally dry up until the next rainfall. The vegetation during this period is as green and as full of blooming flowers as it will ever be.

Temperatures range between 16-35 degrees Celsius (60 – 95 Fahrenheit) which means you should be careful and protect yourself from the sun, especially at mid-day, but the weather allows for longer hikes and full enjoyment of everything else the area has to offer.

So which season will you choose to spend at the Dead Sea next year?

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