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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is in danger of drying at a high level. The more we visit the Dead Sea and we tour the Dead Sea area, the more awareness will be given to the place, and the relevant factors will be raised to solve the dangers.


The endless tranquility, the pastoral tranquility, the enchanting landscapes, the unique purple, are part of a variety of reasons that make the stay at the Dead Sea an experience of perfect pleasure in nature.


There is nothing like the contribution of the Dead Sea to health and beauty. Staying at the Dead Sea helps a variety of health and skin problems, and of course contributes to the complete cleansing of our skin. Visiting the Dead Sea is worth both health and beauty.


We came here today to save the Dead Sea. We are committed to saving him. Anyone who was next to him or inside knows how unique he is. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the world
Benjamen Netanyahu

“The most beautiful place I visited. It’s the lowest place in the world, sea with warm water all year round. Natural mud and minerals, a place that brings joy and pleasure every time. I will never forget this tour. An experience with sweet memories and salty water.

Linda Smith<br />

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