The beach for a separate bath

The beach is located in the southern regions of the Dead Sea, and is also known by the international beach in the Dead Sea.It is a separate beach for men and women; the beach is very suitable for a man or woman who prefers bathing with their spouses without the opposite sex.

This beach is mainly used by the religious population, who make sure not to bathe with the opposite sex, but can stay in the water at the same time and meet for a meal in a nearby area.

Bathing in the Dead Sea is known to be an attraction for bathers and healing tourists from all over the world, aspiring to the local authorities for the thought of the religious public.

Separate beach also allows religious people to enjoy the unique nature of the Dead Sea.Bathing for men and women is throughout the day, with separation being done by a large partition that is on the beach and extends into the water.

The beach for a separate bath provides Services as bellow: 

Entrance to the beach is free.

Parking on-site is only payable.

That beach has regulated rescue services.

The beach is an official beach and is equipped with all necessary safety measures and standards.

Large digital clock allows bathers to see the time and temperature.

Seating areas, portable shading facilities and permanent shading facilities are scattered on the beach.

Open showers adjacent to the beach, and enclosed showers with dressing rooms.

Suitable for bathing with children.

Access for disabled people into the water.

Parking spaces are marked for the disabled people.

Special place for bus parking.


An important tip for bathing in the Dead Sea:

After soaking in the salt water, it is recommended to shower with plenty of water. It is not mandatory to use soap or other preparation.


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