Neve Midbar Beach

The beach is temporarily closed due to renovations.

Neve Desert Beach is one of the recommended beaches around the Dead Sea because of its large beach, and because of the variety of beach services that can be obtained as follows:

Natural mud unlimited Dead Sea, straight from its natural place.

Rescue services exist on the coast.

Dry and wet sauna.Separate swimming pools for adults and children.

Shower and toilet facilities.

Sun shades for sun protection.Tanning chairs.A camping area where tents can be erected, or accommodation in Banoglu with electricity and mattresses.

BBQ area, where you can enjoy a barbecue.

Regulated parking at no extra charge.

To contact the Coastal Neve Midbar Beach Administration, call +972-8-657-9666


Dead Sea Bathing Tip:

The salt water is also greasy, so be careful not to slip and stumble.


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