Biankini beach

Beach with a lively atmosphere, located in the northern region of the Dead Sea

The services provided at the beach are varied, and are mostly included at the payment of check-in.

Regulated parking at no extra charge.

The beach provides a variety of services, as follows:

Separate swimming pools for children and adults.

Entrance to the water with a wooden bridge, that makes it easier to enter the water of the Dead Sea.

Tanning beds, sunshades and sun protection.

The beach management almost always plays background music, which makes bathing the beach an experience.

Ponds of natural Dead Sea mud from the sea.

Biancini Beach also offers massage and spa services, at an additional cost.Tidy wardrobe services that includes: hot water showers and toilets.

Focus on Accessibility for the DisabledAccommodation in a variety of options, such as suites or standard cabins.Everything needed for a pleasant stay.

Contact the beach management by calling +972-2-9400266


Important tip about bathing in the Dead Sea:

Dead Sea water must not be swallowed. Swallowing salt water is dangerous to health.


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