Kalia Beach

The beach is located in the northern regions of the Dead Sea.

Kalia Beach is located away from the Dead Sea hotel area, providing a touch of tranquility and tranquility.Kalia Beach is one of the famous beaches of the Dead Sea, and many people prefer to bathe in the kalia beach of the Dead Sea.

Beach access is payable.

To Kalia Beach a regulated parking area at no extra charge.

On the coast of Kalia you can find one of the wonders of the Dead Sea, the black and natural mud. The use of mud is free and can be applied to the body skin without any limit.

Coastal boundaries are exceptionally large, and with an extra charge, camping is provided.

There is a restaurant with a seating area facing the sea, as well as fast food stalls.

There is also a paid drinks bar at the beachThe beach also has access for people with disabilities.

There are hot and cold water regulated shower services as well as a personal locker / locker service.

There is a power connection for mobile charging and even WIFI reception.

Arriving by public transport is a shuttle service from the station to the beach, this service in advance.

Contact the beach management by calling 02-9942391


An important tip for our feet, related to the Dead Sea:

It is recommended to wear a pair of slippers suitable for walking on wet.

The drop to the water usually also involves walking on stones, so those who have sensitivity in the feet are advised to wear appropriate flip-flops.


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