Dead Sea mud soap

Who needs soap? The water does most of the cleaning, right?

So the thing is, if you only wash yourself with water, you will leave 35% of the dirt you accumulated during the day.

Doesn’t sound like something you want, does it?

So yeah, soap is an inseparable part of our cleaning and cleansing routine.


So what is it about soap which makes it such an effective cleaning product?

The soap contains many different ingredients, in some of the cases they are natural, and in some – not so much.

But it has to contain 2 main ingredients which are in charge of most of the work.

The first is detergents – a mixture of materials that are used for cleaning and dissolving fats.

(Yes, because sometimes the dirt is oily and the same as dishes, water alone simply does not dissolve it.)

In ancient times this ingredient was made of potassium enriched plants, today there are a lot of substances of that kind that are not natural.

The second is the oils – oil is extremely important in order to avoid the soap leaving us with dry skin. And they provide the skin with the pleasant oiliness it needs after being cleaned.

Here as well, we can find soaps made of natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and palm tree oil.

Industrial soaps in which this ingredient is also made from synthetic materials can also be found.


In the soap made of the Dead Sea mud, in the mixture of the oils, you can also find the Dead Sea mud, which is oily by itself.

Beyond the minerals it adds to the soap, it also adds a pleasant touch to our skin after use.



So why the Dead Sea mud soap?

Because in addition to it being a natural soap, thus reducing the chances of it causing side effects such as dryness or irritation of the skin, it has minerals. The minerals found in the Dead Sea mud allow the soap to become a healing product, especially for facial skin.

Soap made of the Dead Sea mud greatly assists in treating pimples, acne, various rashes, and oily skin.

Permanent use of the mud soap from the Dead Sea (according to the instructions of course) allows us to provide our skin with a natural and permanent glow.

It allows us to preserve our body skin to a healthy balance and keep it truly clean for a long time.


This is where we would also like to remind you that the minerals found in the Dead Sea mud, beyond their wondrous healing qualities, are also used to stimulate blood flow.

That’s why soap made of the Dead Sea mud will allow us to start our day (or end it, depending on when you like to shower) with great energy and a wonderful sensation.


So what do you say? Soap off the supermarket rack or soap made of the Dead Sea mud?




Please notice that soaps made of Dead Sea minerals can also contain unnatural ingredients.

Read the label carefully before purchasing and make sure the soap suits you.