Dead Sea Salt Soap

Let’s talk about Soap:the product we cannot pull away from for more than a day or two.

This product constantly renews and renovates itself and challenges our sense of smell and our pockets…

Where did it even come from? and who gave it in this weird name, “Soap”?

Soap is one of the most ancient products in the world, did you know that?

Thousands of years ago, in times when people were much dirtier and access to water was not rendered easily possible to be used on a daily basis.

At those times it was also not referred to by its name, soap. It had different names according to the materials from which it was made.

סבון מלח ים המלח


So how did it become soap?

Legend has it that during Roman times, mount Sapo was used to make sacrifices

When Roman women washed their clothes in the river, the fat and ashes of the sacrifice altar flowed and mixed with the water and they realized these materials worked really well together!

That fat and ashes, in alternative versions, became a much better, more efficient version of the “Soap” – named after the mountain.

Some say that those are complete nonsense and that Soap is named after the Italian city of Savona, where the soap industry flourished.



Salt Soap from the Dead Sea

So as you probably already realized, in ancient times soap was made of 100% natural ingredients.

Simply because they didn’t have any substances.

Unfortunately, in our times, most of the soaps are made of chemical ingredients (oil, foaming materials, preservatives, and more).

And why, unfortunately? Because no one really wants to bathe in chemicals that they have no idea what impact it could cause on their skin.

So it’s true that soap is washed up with water and does not remain on the skin, which reduces its influence, but it can definitely cause unpleasant dryness and irritation…



So why salt soap from the Dead Sea?

Natural salt soap is made of a combination of natural oils and distilled water, added essential oils for added effect, scent, and aroma.

The soaps produced from the Dead Sea minerals are also made of natural oils however they contain rare minerals which only exist in the Dead Sea.

Their healing qualities are particularly good for our skin and have been known for thousands of years.

In addition, they contain Dead Sea salts.

That makes the Dead Sea soaps not only better recommended for the skin but also grants it additional healing qualities.

They are also efficient in treating skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and even simply to equilibrate a particularly oily skin.

So if you love going to the Dead Sea every once in a while to cleanse, balance and preserve your skin, then why not keep a small piece of it in your shower?

Try the Dead Sea salt soap.



Please note!!!

Read carefully the ingredients on the packaging to make sure the soap is indeed natural and does not contain any chemical substances.