Cure for skin diseases, with Dead Sea Mud.


Mud as a cure for skin diseases – is the mud of the Dead Sea enough?

The mud of the Dead Sea became a brand a long time ago.

Its medical and cosmetic qualities are well known all around the world.

There is a reason that there are, today, more than 70 companies which produce and export the Dead Sea products to every single corner around the world.


But do these virtues actually exist and work? So, that we can discuss.

When speaking to dermatologists it was revealed that it’s not exactly the case.

The Dead Sea indeed has healing qualities to a variety of skin conditions, they say, but it’s not necessary due to the mud.

The mud does relax and nurture the skin, there is no doubt about that.

But for skin diseases such as psoriasis and more, the treatment that the Dead Sea provides is in fact the radiation.

The exposure to ultraviolet light, so unique to the Dead Sea due to its low location, are the cure.

The Dead Sea sun rays enable long harmless exposure and thus enabling patients to treat their disease.


dead sea mud

dead sea mud. Health from nature.


Not enough for you? No problem.

Studies have also shown that the water in the Dead Sea is useful when treating different skin conditions.

That water – thanks to the salts and minerals – penetrates the outer skin layer as well as the inner layers.

The water helps, and sometimes even cures, skin diseases such as psoriasis, skin asthma, or Vitiligo

But, to oppose these studies, we don’t know of studies about mixed water.

We don’t know of any studies which have proven that the quality of the minerals of the Dead Sea water doesn’t have damaging properties when mixed with other substances, packed, and moved to the shelves…


So what does it mean?

The ultraviolet sun rays, combined with bathing in the sea water, and using the black mud found at its bottom can definitely help and even cure different skin conditions.

The shelf products containing Dead Sea minerals could definitely assist with different conditions such as rashes, itches, etc.

Companies producing Dead Sea products claim that the products can definitely assist the skin, keep it looking young, and preserve it.

There is no possibility of knowing which precise element assists more and which less.



To conclude:

If you are truly suffering from a condition which requires treatment, improvement, and healing, it’s best to visit the Dead Sea.

Come down here and combine resting in the sun with dipping in the water and rubbing mud you pulled yourselves out from the bottom of the sea.

If you choose to purchase products, whether it is to soothe the skin or for cosmetic use, search for the standard seal of approval given to the products of the Dead Sea which were examined and proven effective.

Don’t buy products without it.



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