Dead Sea or Dead Pool?


Everyone goes down to the Dead Sea.

The hotels in the area declare that they are on the beach of the Dead Sea.

The hours we spend in the water or on the beach, in our minds, mean bathing in the Dead Sea, but did you know that it’s not at all true?

Sorry for bursting your bubble but that water you bathe in is not the Dead Sea. It is certainly water from the Dead Sea but you are actually bathing in a pool and not the sea itself.


How is that possible? This is how it works.



In the past, the Dead Sea was wide, long, and deep.


The hotels that were built around it, actually touched the sand right outside the hotel, and allowed every tourist to have their own private beach only 10 steps from the air-conditioning.

But as the years passed by, and due to redirection of the sources of the Dead Sea to other places, the water level in the Dead Sea dropped by more than 25 meters.

The southern basin of the Dead Sea, where the hotels are located, has dried up completely, and has been replaced by artificial evaporation pools built by the factories of the Dead Sea.

These pools are normally used for industrial purposes and are filled with water constantly pumped from the northern part of the sea.

Pool number 5 is the pool which serves the tourists and guests of the hotels who come to the Dead Sea to benefit from its healing substances.


What does this mean?

That you are bathing in Dead Sea water, it’s all good no need to panic.

That today all we see left is about half, and perhaps less, than the original size of the Dead Sea.

That if the current situation continues as it is, soon the Dead Sea might completely disappear, and that’s sad.



Why is this happening exactly?

What to know. Visit the article in the following link: Why is the Dead Sea drying up?



And if you ask – what can we do about it?

Not much unfortunately, since the project of saving the Dead Sea requires quite a lot of resources.

These resources require the intervention of a large public entity and of course – will affect the entire industry that is now sucking the little life it has left out of it.

But we can talk about it, raise awareness, and bring it into the public discourse.

Let’s not let people forget that here, in the State of Israel, we have one of the Wonders of the World – the largest salt water reservoir in the world.

And if something doesn’t change, it will soon cease to exist…



Now you already know if it’s a Dead Sea or a Dead Pool, ready to try? We’re right behind you.