Dead Sea Sulfur Soap



Have you ever been to the healing pools around the Dead Sea and felt the urge to hold your nose?

That is the familiar and very unpleasant smell of the sulfur, of which the influence on our body is rather particularly pleasant.

Sulfur water, which contains additional Dead Sea minerals, are a true natural treasure.

Bathing in them is recommended as medicine to reduce and assist with almost any pain or disease.



Want an example? here you go:

Suffering from Arthritis or sore muscles? Sulfur pools will greatly assist with reducing the pain and aiding in relief.

Troubles breathing? Inhaling this stinky mineral will assist in solving them.

Studies have shown that bathing in Sulfur water improves Edema or liquids in the body and allows the body to produce more urine and cleanse itself.

Did you know that Sulfur also increases Endorphin production? Those chemicals in the body that are in charge of our moods?

And of course, how can we not mention the most known benefit of all the Dead Sea minerals – skin problems! Psoriasis and the whole gang.

Oh, and another super cool thing!!!!



Did you know that a 10-minute soak in sulfur water burns calories?

Soaking burns as much salts and fats as a 3km walk??? What do you prefer? ‘Cause we’re pretty set on our choice…

But, and there’s a big BUT



Bathing in sulfur springs is not something that is recommended to do too often. It’s best to stay no more than 20 minutes and not more than twice a day.

That in addition to a variety of restrictions for bathing in sulfur water for pregnant women, people who suffer from heart conditions or high blood pressure, cancer and epilepsy patients, and more…

Besides, sulfur originally comes from natural springs around the Dead Sea. The water in these springs will usually be warm and the smell… well it isn’t the best!

Yeah, if you want to enjoy the incredible advantages of sulfur, you can’t really avoid the smell.

or many of you actually can….



Sulfur soap from the Dead Sea

Among the variety of Dead Sea products that are offered on the shelves of every health food store, you can find sulfur soap from the Dead Sea.

Since beyond the actual sulfur these soaps contain not only additional natural oils but also aromatic oils, they blur the strong smell of the sulfur.

This way we can enjoy the advantages and healing qualities of it in every shower, without having to drive all the way down to the Dead Sea springs.

Without taking any risks of bathing for too long in the water and of course without having to hold our nose every time again.




When you purchase soaps of the Dead Sea, check the ingredients on the packing.

Make sure you are purchasing a product that is made of natural ingredients and that suits you.