Fun day at the dead sea

Tourists from around the world come throughout the year to spend time in the hotels and on the shores of the Dead Sea, and enjoy all that the surrounding area has to offer. But sometimes all you have is one day to sample the delights of the Dead Sea. So how can you make the most of just one day?

We offer two options, and you are welcome to choose the one that suits you best.

A Fun Day of Self-Indulgence

Ninety-nine percent of the hotels in the Dead Sea offer, among their wide range of pampering services and activities, a one-day experience on the beach. This special day usually includes:

  • One or two meals
  • Beach time for tanning
  • Use of the hotel facilities, including the Dead Sea water pools and standard pools
  • And of course, a spa that includes a hot tub, sauna, massages and more…

How enjoyable will this experience be? It all depends on your budget.

The more you invest, and the more exclusive hotel you visit, the more luxurious your day will be. The more ritzy hotels will provide you with accessories such as bathrobe, flip flops and even soaps. Thus you won’t need to bring toiletries or towels with you. Simply arrive and enjoy yourself.

A Fun Day for the Adventurous

If you are less interested in being totally pampered, and feel like combining seaside recreation with exploring the scenery, nature and history of the area, we have another suggestion.

It is advisable to start the day early, to make the most of the hours before it gets too hot, and begin with a tour of Masada, one of the world’s most regarded historical sites.

Clink on the link to read about this magnificent place: Masada

Once you have experienced and breathed in the amazing history of the place, you can go on a nature tour and view the local landscapes. How far you venture and how much you see depends on the season and how much you are willing to exert yourself.

You can choose from a variety of desert landscape trails (it is recommended to rent or hire a guide with a 4X4 vehicle, to better navigate the more challenging trails), or explore one of the many water (believe it or not) hikes in the area.

Click on the link for information about water trails in the Dead Sea region, at the following link: Water Attractions in the Dead Sea region

It is extremely important to prepare well for this part of your trip, and choose your route wisely. Stock up on supplies and check with the local weather authority to avoid the challenges and dangers caused by flash flooding and harsh terrain conditions.

Did you finish your hike or drive? Now it’s time for some rest and relaxation.

On the shores of the Dead Sea – from its northern end all the way down to the hotel area – you will find a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.

Then it’s into the water, because it is impossible to visit the Dead Sea without experiencing the sea itself.

For a full list of beaches, go to the following link: Dead Sea Bathing Beaches

Make sure you are organized to make the most of your day!

If you chose the second option, prepare for yourself a list of clothes and other thing you will need during the day – both for the tours you have chosen and for the beach.

Did you forget something? Don’t worry.

The Dead Sea is a particularly touristy area and you can find just about anything you need – if you agree to spend a little more than you would in a regular town or city…

We hope we have helped you get an idea of how to plan a day of fun at the Dead Sea.