Night Life at the Dead Sea

Night life in the Moonlight at the Dead Sea

You spent a whole day sunbathing by the sea, wading in the pool, and didn’t miss out on the spa either. And now evening is here, and you still feel like having more fun.

Where can you go out at night at the Dead Sea?

Until a few years ago, the Dead Sea was known as an entertainment spot for senior citizens (no insult intended), because in the evening hours it lived up to its name – the “dead” sea. Except for hungry swarms of mosquitos, you wouldn’t encounter a living soul outside after sunset. But today the up and coming entertainment scene at the Dead Sea has lots to offer. Below is a list of things to do there after dark:


The Dead Sea beaches boast a magnificent list of high quality hotels, and some also have great restaurants worth visiting.

There is the Ranch House – a South American meat restaurant located in the Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel, and also the Taj Mahal – a Bedouin hospitality experience.

We won’t give you recommendations regarding specific restaurants, because like anyone who loves to eat – we’ve discovered that the service, menu and quality of the food at each establishment change from time to time. So the best plan is to just go out, taste what you will, and form your own opinion.


You can choose from a wide selection of alcoholic beverages (mostly local) in the hotel lobbies. But if you feel like going out to a real bar, you can find that too. Hang out at the nearby Biankini Beach, which features a dance bar with dance parties and karaoke evenings (inquire about the night’s program before arriving), or head to the more distant “Muza” bar in Arad – in the opposite direction – that offers 30 types of whiskey and broadcasts soccer games non-stop, if that happens to interest you.

Night Fun for Families:

You don’t you feel like leaving the kids behind when you go out?

The Leonardo Club Hotel at the Dead Sea offers you Fantasy Island – a complex housing a unique 7-D cinema, and a laser tag course open every day until midnight.

The brand new Dead Sea mall is a great place to spend an hour of uninhibited brand name shopping, and then enjoy a coffee or ice cream break at one of the several indoor cafes.


The Dead Sea region is known for its unique festivals and performances.

There are the breathtaking opera shows in Masada, or you can attend the Tamar Festival – 4 days of performances by Israeli artists, or dance till you drop at the Rave – an electronic music dance festival – and there is still more.

The shows are usually scheduled during certain times of the year – the Tamar Festival during the Sukkot holiday, the Rave later in the Fall…

Therefore, it’s recommended to inquire about musical entertainment in advance, or simply enjoy whatever the hotels have to offer during your stay.

With that we conclude this brief description of night life at the Dead Sea. If you want to learn more about the Dead Sea, visit the blog home page, at the following link: Dead Sea Information