Dead Sea cure for allergies.

Allergy? Don’t get used to it! Come visit the Dead Sea

Everybody already knows the famous virtues of the Dead Sea in improving and healing skin diseases.

But there are some other secrets that are treasured in the Dead Sea which are important to know.


So what is an allergy? Where does it come from?

An allergy is in fact an overreaction of our immune system.

It identifies certain objects or things as harmful to our body, and creates a reaction to fight them, even though they are not actually harmful.

The intensity of the reaction is very much dependent on the type of allergen the body is exposed to.

A bee sting or peanuts – for those who are allergic – could end up in a physical collapse.

Compared to hay fever, similar causes which trigger reactions of the respiratory system – irritation, fluids, cough, and more.

Those suffering from seasonal allergies or to plants, dust, and similar causes, know what the market has to offer – and it isn’t much.

So next time you get an allergy, just pack your bags and come for a vacation to the Dead Sea.


Why the Dead Sea.

The rare combination of dry weather which helps clean the respiratory system, together with the water and mud, are the cure for an allergy.

They are all enriched with minerals which penetrate the skin and assist as well in detoxifying the systems.

They enable us to minimize the unpleasant symptoms of the allergy.

The minerals assist in setting congestion, cure rashes caused by allergies and strengthen our body.

In case of an allergy, it is not certain that a few hours on the beach will do.

It is recommended to take several days off and combine resting in the open air or the Dead Sea, bathing in the salty sea water which contains a high percentage of minerals; and of course not to skip the black mud which can penetrate into the skin and perform a thorough cleansing.

After a few days you will certainly feel much better.


Searching for a treatment to prevent the allergy from coming back?

Here we would definitely recommend a short visit to breathe the air of the Dead Sea and strengthen the respiratory system.

That was a glance about the Dead Sea as a cure for allergies. And most importantly – we wish you health!


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