Dead Sea mud, natural or industrial – which Dead Sea mud is better, natural, or industrial?


In the days when all the Dead Sea beaches were available for all visitors, it used to be very easy to reach the natural and original beach found on the bottom of the sea, rub it on your skin and lay on the beach to let the skin absorb it and let it do its magic.

Today, most of the Dead Sea beaches are closed due to the fact that it is drying out due to the sinkholes and to the large number of industrial factories lying along the shoreline.

In any case, there are less and less sources from which pure mud could be taken.

On the other hand, there are more and more products packed in jars, bottles, and marketed bags, and they can be found not only around the Dead Sea but rather all around the world.


But. And it’s one important but.

We all know the virtues of the natural mud, but the mud sold around the world as the Dead Sea mud does not always maintain its freshness.

In many cases, the manufacturers add additional materials to the pure mud, some of which are synthetic and may cause severe damage to the skin – especially in long term usage.

And so, instead of achieving the desired effect of renewing, firming, and refreshing the skin – we will achieve the opposite result.

Why? Because those materials speed up skin wrinkling and damage the skin.


So what do we do?

We take an extra minute to examine the ingredients of each product before purchasing it.

Read it carefully and examine the ingredient list written on the label and check: that it has the least amount of additional ingredients except for the mud itself, and

that the additional ingredients are entirely natural and do not include synthetic additives.


It’s best to not expect a miracle, and to rather step out of the luxurious pool and spa of your hotel and just come to one of the beaches which remain available.

There, you can enjoy the water the sun and the fresh, pure, and natural mud.

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Now that you know a thing or two about the natural Dead Sea mud, here is a recommendation.

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