Health secrets of the Dead Sea


For hundreds (if not thousands) of years, the Dead Sea has been considered a natural and rare healing place.

People from all over the world come here to cure different diseases, refresh their body and soul, and enjoy its unique qualities.

So what is the main secret hidden in the water and mud of the Dead Sea? Why is the Dead Sea water so healthy?



Minerals are the natural elements that we, humans, also need to have in our bodies in order to enable the variety of body systems to function properly. They assist the body in transferring oxygen, controlling nerves, healing wounds, strengthening the bones, balancing sugar levels, creating proteins, strengthening muscles, and the list goes on and on…


We consume a big part of the minerals through food and beverages which are balanced and suitable for our body.

But we can always have more of those minerals through exposing our body directly to them, especially when speaking about extremely rare minerals.


Minerals can be found in almost every source of salty water, so what is so special about the Dead Sea?

The unique composition of the water and mud of the Dead Sea creates 3 important advantages:

Minerals concentration in the Dead Sea water is up to 50 times higher than the mineral concentration in any other place in the world.

Especially in magnesium and in brome, thus the treatment intensity is much stronger.


In the Dead Sea you can also find high concentrations of minerals which do not exist in any other salty water source in the world, which significantly influence the healing qualities of this place.

The mineral particles found in the Dead Sea mud are extremely tiny and their size enables them to easily penetrate the skin pores and provide our body with the minerals which are essential for it.

ים המלח, גם כיף גם בריא

Dead Sea. Health and Beauty


To view the full mineral list, enter the post in the following link: Dead Sea Mineral List


And as mentioned, the minerals of the Dead Sea exist in the water as well as in the black mud of the Dead Sea.

Therefore, the ultimate treatment which will allow our body to absorb the minerals it needs, and do it in the best way possible, would be a combination of sitting in the Dead Sea water.

You can also do it at any salty water pool located in almost every hotel.


Sitting in the Dead Sea water is good for our skin since it allows it to absorb salts as well as the sun’s rays which have a particular intensity in that area.

It is recommended not to skip using black mud and rubbing it on your body and face. Here as well, you can use mud which can be found in the water, and it can also be purchased in kits for home use.


Please note!

The concentrated mud is only suitable for body skin. For facial skin it is recommended to use diluted mud which can be found at the Dead Sea product shops.


And that was a short post about the health secrets of the Dead Sea. To read more about this topic, please go to our blog page: Information about the Dead Sea.