Minerals in the Dead Sea.

A list of the minerals in the Dead Sea and their healing virtues.

We spoke about the unique composition of the minerals in the Dead Sea.

And now, it’s best that you know what exactly you are getting from the Dead Sea water and its black mud, and in which ways a day spent in the Dead Sea can help you strengthen your body.

Here a list for you of the main minerals which can be found in the water and in the mud. We also specified how each of them can strengthen you.

In the Dead Sea there are 26 minerals which are vital for the human body. 12 of them only exist in the Dead Sea and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


Mineral list:


  • Magnesium – vital for skin cell metabolism. Magnesium deficiency can cause skin diseases, from dandruff to psoriasis. Magnesium is also efficient in reducing allergies. In the Dead Sea you will find a Magnesium concentration of up to 10 times more than in any other source.
  • Sodium – particularly good for treating dry skin. The particles found in sodium peel off layers of dandruff from over the skin, allowing the sodium to penetrate into the skin and give it a smooth soft feel.
  • Iron – did you know Iron is a mineral? Iron is particularly vital for renewing and improving the oxygen levels in our body – blood and cells. Lack of oxygen could cause weakness and could end up in less pleasant effects.
  • Sulfur – disinfects the skin.
  • Potassium – strengthens the muscular and nervous system and is particularly beneficial to the respiratory system. Salt vapors greatly relieve asthma patients.
  • Chlorine – particularly essential for the metabolism in the body’s cells.
  • Calcium – as we all know, calcium helps strengthen bones and prevents them from becoming fragile. Beyond that, calcium also helps to regulate the heart muscles and nerves, strengthens cell membranes, and cleanses the skin’s pores.
  • Boron – responsible for strengthening the function of skin hormones.
  • Phosphorus – relevant to all skin functioning systems; metabolism, generating energy for cells, and especially self-recovery of damaged cells (wounds, scratches, cuts, and more).
  • Bitumen – you don’t know it but it is anti-inflammatory, very important!!!


As you have noticed, we presented you with a list of some of the minerals found in the Dead Sea. The list is still very long and so are its characteristics as well as its strengthening and healing abilities.

So no matter if you are suffering from a specific problem or would just like to strengthen your body, we highly recommend a day in the Dead Sea.


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