Winter at the Dead Sea.

Are you planning a trip to the Dead Sea during the winter? You have made a great decision.

The combination of the weather which is never too cold, the abundance of desert streams and rivers replenished by the rains, and the little luxuries provided by the local hotels – make for a perfect vacation.

If you want to enjoy both sunbathing and hiking in the area, there are two things you should know about winter in the Dead Sea:

Flood Season

Winter in the Dead Sea region is a flash flood season.

As is the case in every other area in Israel, rainfall also occurs at the Dead Sea. But unlike other areas where the soil “swallows” and absorbs the rainwater, the dry, silty desert soil of the Dead Sea region does not allow for much water penetration and retention.

Therefore, as soon as the river channels fill up, they begin to overflow and flood the area. These flash floods are a natural phenomenon that are definitely worth going out and seeing, due to their breathtaking beauty. However, they are also very dangerous and can sweep people and even vehicles away in the powerful currents.

If you want to watch the flash floods – here are a few tips:
  • Make sure you have someone with you who knows the area and knows where it is safe to venture.
  • Check the Israel Parks Authority updates before you leave.
  • Position yourselves on the highest spot in the area.
  • Stay away from the river banks due to danger of collapse.
  • Pay attention to objects drifting in the current – especially rocks – as they may harm you.
  • Do not go anywhere without a cellphone.


Hazards on the Roads

As a result of the flash floods during the winter season, some of the roads in the area become particularly slippery.

Along the unpaved desert trails, the flowing water makes the earth particularly smooth and dangerous for travel. Therefore, it is advisable not to go on off-road drives in the Dead Sea region during the rainy season.

Yes, we know, all these warnings are a little frustrating. But if you adhere to the following rules, you can go out anyway, if you have the courage of course:

  • Be careful not to go out on the days after the first rain of the season, as that is when the area is the most dangerous.
  • Choose a well mapped route that is appropriate for your type of vehicle.
  • Avoid driving on rocky roads or slopes.
  • Do not cross streams with the vehicle, even if the stream looks shallow and calm.
  • Forgo your planned trip if the weather is foggy.
  • Make sure your tires are in perfect functioning condition.
  • As an extra precaution – take along additional food and clothing.

Make a list of the roads that are known to be dangerous, and find alternative, safer routes, staying up to date on warnings and closed roads.

Wish you a pleasant and enjoyable winter.


With that we conclude this brief description of winter at the Dead Sea. If you want to learn more about the Dead Sea, visit the blog home page, at the following link: Dead Sea Information